Brain Plasticity, What Is It And What Does It Mean For You?

Words such as brain plasticity, neural pathways, and rewiring your brain.

Not sure just what they are, simply that there is something missing from your life.

You have read recently that if you’re tired of trying things that don’t work and you’re ready to discover the same techniques senior executives and management use to re-charge their brains and achieve more and wondering if there really is something in what they are saying.

Can brain plasticity really unlock your brain? Is it possible there is a key to success?

If so why hasn’t it been discovered before?

Science who for years have told us that after puberty our brains are fixed, not capable of improving, is this no longer true.

We have for generations kept making new year resolutions knowing that by the end of January they will be forgotten.

The answer is simple you keep doing what you always do and what science has uncovered is that there has been a major stumbling block to your plans ever succeeding.

That stumbling block is all the negative advice you have been told since you were a child, science knew there was a part of our brain that held unused information, they called it our memories.

They simply did not know how to access it, now you can effortlessly discover what through brain plasticity, neural pathways, and rewiring your brain really can achieve for you.

With these their latest findings that can help you eliminate years of old conditioning and programming. If you’re tired of trying things that don’t work and you’re ready to discover the latest neuroscience methods to change your life.

Know that you have the capacity to change your brain, no more do you need to keep doing the same things over and over expecting to see different results.

You don’t BREAK habits you REPLACE habits, when you practice new habits you naturally weaken old habits.

Similar to strengthening new muscle groups by going to the gym and working out, new neural pathways can be formed and strengthened into new habits of thinking, feeling and doing as the result of brain plasticity.

Neural pathways are like pathways in the forest where over the years people or animals have made the path this is a foundational part of neural pathways well travelled and established from thoughts that enter your head.

This all starts when a thought enters your head, at that moment you have the opportunity to accept it or reject it.

It is therefore important that you pay attention to your thoughts, especially those that you keep, once you have accepted the thought it is wired into your brain for either a positive or negative response.

You achieve this through observing your thoughts, identifying any negative influence it may contain that is contrary to your personal plans of achievement and refusing it access to your mind simply by saying aloud “I don’t want you in my head”.

Your mind is controlled by the words that you speak science has now confirmed what intuitive people have long declared that every human being was engineered for success.

First you need a new mental image of who you are, introducing the new YOU to yourself, see yourself as unworthy of any unhappiness as a person who was meant to be happy and not meant to fail,

You do not need to be an electrician to turn the light on in your home, you do not require to be an automobile engineer to drive a motor car.

What you do need though to make this operate effectively is a desire to succeed with a specific target to achieve, the more detailed your specification of your target is the better you will be in accessing it.

Skill learning of any kind is accomplished by trial and error, identifying what caused the error and analyzing how to remedy it.

You need to learn how to trust your creative mechanism and give it the freedom to do it’s thing, you need to act as though your problem has been solved, to be confident.

In the beginning that is difficult however you have to give your creative influences the opportunity to show you what you can achieve, once you have achieved it, it becomes increasingly easier the next time to trust your creative juices.

Creative influences are not your imaginations which also plays a major role in your life, imagination is the picture show that runs constantly in your head interpreting your thoughts unfortunately it doesn’t always show a true reflection.

For example there are people who have difficulty who cannot face other members of the public because they imagine that they have abnormalities in or on their bodies.

Take for example the person who has a “classical Roman nose” or large protruding ears who cannot take part in any group activities because they believe that others will make fun of them or say they are oddities.

These people limit their lives by having a false image of themselves which could all have started when they were at school by their classmates making fun of them.

They may have forgotten the classmates but their deep rooted memories keep reminding them of their looks every time they look in a mirror and over the years has become a fixation with them altogether out of proportion to reality.

Well for people such as these I have good news for them because one of the offshoots to neural pathways has come the discovery of brain plasticity which means that our brains can be renewed, indeed that our brains are constantly changing.

It is now possible to renew your mind through brain plasticity and remove any memories that are lodged in your brain and replace it with a new memory.